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Global Baking Expertise

Baker Tech Global offers more than 20 years of progressive baking experience from around the world.

Baker Tech Global is an independent baking industry consulting business founded by Nicholas McCrery.

We are focused on:

  • Product development
  • Technical sales
  • Equipment solutions
  • Custom ingredients & components
  • Bakery design

We serve the following industry segments:

  • Wholesale/commissary/industrial bakery manufacturers
  • Prepared food manufacturers
  • Bakery ingredient manufacturers
  • Bakery equipment manufacturers
  • Hyper-market bakeries

Baker Tech Global has a keen understanding of global markets and customers, strong baking skills from hand-work to full automation and custom product development.

Product Development Approach

Concept development begins with a customer ideation session. Here we will brainstorm the products and processes and put together a working plan of action that will include:

  • Product attributes
  • Specialized ingredient or nutritional requirements
  • Whether manufacturing will be in-house or at a co-manufacturer
  • Required manufacturing throughputs
  • Product launch timeline

Product Development starts with our defined products/concepts and:

  • Sourcing industrial ingredients
  • Making bench-top prototypes
  • Extensive formula development & optimization
  • Analytical testing
  • Sensory evaluation
  • Pilot plant to determine best manufacturing methods

Commercialization begins with our approved bench-top and/or pilot plant samples:

  • Scale up bench-top and/or pilot plant formulation and process to run on manufacturing lines or equipment
  • Establish progressive QA procedures
  • Establish manufacturing throughputs and staffing requirements
  • Document finished product specifications
Technical Sales

Technical Sales can include the following:

  • Business development
  • Product presentations to customers
  • Product demo’s and videos
  • Customer product training
  • Tradeshow participation
  • Sales support for key accounts
Full bake lab in Mpls, MN
  • Vertical Mixer – 12, 20 & 80qt
  • Spiral Mixer
  • Proof Box
  • Retarder
  • Mini Rack Oven
  • Deck Oven
  • Glaze Sprayer
  • Bread Moulder
  • Bagel Divider & Former
  • Reversible Sheeter
  • Donut Fryer
  • Hot Press for Tortillas & Pizza
  • Two Pass Pizza Sheeter
  • Coolers & Freezers
  • Copper Candy Kettle
  • Bread & Bun Slicers
  • Dough Dividers
  • Chocolate Tempering Machine
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